Grazing Meadows Waygu

We now have over 40 cows and bred heifers in our breeding program this year.  All our stock are fed naturally on the lush grass of our Huron County farm throughout the summer.

We have had a great calf crop this year of 40 calves with about 2/3 of them being heifers.  All the calves range from either 50% Wagyu influence to 100% Wagyu.

At various times we do have animals for purchase.  Please contact us for availability

For Sale

14 Bred Heifers For Sale

75% Wagyu bred to a Fullblood Wagyu Bull.

We will be starting some fullblood steers on feed as yearlings starting in October.  These will be finished next year.  Please book your prime eating experience now.  I like using the term for experiencing Wagyu as Sensiuosly Delicious.

Grazing Meadows Wagyu is located 2 km east of Brussels, Ontario, Canada on Newry Road . Tim and Donna Prior own and operate Grazing Meadows Wagyu along with their 3 kids, Nathan, Taylor and Emily.

They are fed naturally and growth hormones are not used on the Wagyu cattle.

All our animals have full traceability back to birth. A full history of each animal is available utilizing our Cattlemax computer software program.